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NJ CAR Wants To Share Stories About Dealership Charitable Efforts and Honors

Apr 08, 2021

New Jersey’s neighborhood new car and truck dealerships support hundreds of charitable efforts and NJ CAR wants to help get the word out to the rest of the world.

Have you conducted a food or clothing drive? Have you donated to a school, hospital, shelter, library or any other worthwhile organization? NJ CAR wants to hear about any charitable efforts (big or small), so we can recognize them on our social media channels.

Please forward details about what your dealership has done, as well as any artwork, hashtags or other information you feel is relevant to Brian Hughes, NJ CAR Director of Communications, at [email protected].

We also want to recognize any awards our members dealerships receive, whether they are from a charity, a community organization, a business organization, a manufacturer or anyone else.

Please forward the details regarding the award to Brian, so we can recognize your accomplishment on the Coalition’s social media platforms.