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NJ CAR Wants To Publicize Dealers’ Many Contributions To Their Communities

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New Jersey’s franchised auto retailers support hundreds of worthy causes, from national charities to local pee-wee sports teams and everything in between. They support sports, health and social organizations that benefit the individuals in the communities in which they operate.

But most people don’t know about the good deeds dealers and their employees do every day.NJ CAR wants to promote these positive stories to a larger audience by posting them to the Coalition’s expanding social media audience, as well as the NJ CAR website.

But we need dealers to provide us with details, photos and videos that tell the stories about the contributions you make in your communities. With 526 dealers in New Jersey, we should be able to tell hundreds of stories a year and show consumers, legislators and the media that dealerships truly are the backbone of their communities.

Please forward any text, photos or videos that highlight your dealership’s contributions to your community to Brian Hughes, NJ CAR’s Director of Communications, at [email protected].