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NJ CAR Surpasses 1,000 Followers On Facebook

Jun 11, 2018” alt=”” width=”300″ hspace=”10″ vspace=”10″ border=”0″ align=”right”> 06/11/2018

Utilize ALL NJ CAR Tools to Stay Informed & Engaged

NJ CAR just reached a social media milestone, welcoming it’s 1,000th follower on Facebook. One of the Coalition’s primary missions is to educate dealers, their employees, consumers, elected officials and the media about the incredible contributions made by New Jersey’s franchised automotive retailers. One of the many tools we use to accomplish this goal is social media. Browse through our posts over the past year and you’ll see many examples of industry news and dealer-specific accomplishments that highlight just a few of the many positive stories the industry has to tell.

Feel free to share our posts on your social media pages. We encourage all dealership personnel to forward dealer-specific or industry news you would like to see featured to Brian Hughes, NJ CAR’s Director of Communications at [email protected]. And if you aren’t already following NJ CAR on Facebook or Twitter, please do so by clicking on the links at the top of Coalition’s homepage (

NJ CAR has made it easy for dealers and their employees to stay informed about industry developments when they want, how they want and where they want. In addition to the Coalition’s social media pages, dealers and their employees also have access to the following:

NJ CAR Website

The Coalition maintains a very robust website ( that features a “Share” function that allows users to easily share a story or page via email, or to a personal Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. Contact Brian ([email protected]) if you would like a User ID and password to access the Member side of the NJ CAR website.

Targeted Email Distribution Lists

NJ CAR targets its email communications to the appropriate individuals within the dealership. We know people won’t read every word, but please scan the information to determine whether it is something you NEED TO KNOW. Contact Brian at [email protected] to be added to the appropriate list(s).

Mobile Apps

NJ CAR also has mobile phone applications for both the iPhone and Android smartphone platforms. Gain immediate access to news, NewsLetters, Video NewsLetters, NJ CAR ACADEMY Training, information on NJ CAR Programs, as well as links to the Coalition’s website and social media pages when you download the FREE mobile apps:

iPhone App: App: