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NJ CAR Supports Zero Emission Vehicle Legislation That Advances In Assembly

Jun 29, 2012

The Assembly Environment and Energy Committee voted 5-0 to release Assembly Bill A-3028, which would establish the Zero Emission Vehicle Commission without abolishing the Low Emission Vehicle Review Commission. The Low Emission Vehicle Review Commission was established with the passage of the Clean Car Act in January 2004, but was never organized. The 13-member Commission will study numerous issues connected with zero emission vehicles, including submitting a report to Governor Christie and studying incentives to increase the use of such vehicles and the necessary infrastructure to support their wider acceptance. Assemblyman Lou Greenwald, (D-6), sponsored the legislation, which included supporters as varied as NJ CAR, Environment N.J., the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the N.J. Sierra Club, Mazda and Daimler. Supporters also feel the bill will ultimately promote manufacturing and sales jobs in the State, as well. The legislation will now proceed to the full Assembly.