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NJ CAR Releases Auto Retail Economic Impact Document

Jun 07, 2013

New Jersey’s retail automotive industry represents a major economic force in the State’s overall economy, generating tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in employment earnings, State and local taxes. The economic impact of the industry is chronicled in a comprehensive report that was recently sent/will be sent to all dealers, legislators and NewJersey media. The report was compiled by Auto Outlook, Inc., an independent automotive market analysis firm. In addition to the direct impact of New Jersey’s automotive retailers, the industry also generates jobs and income for other community-based businesses to boost the profitability of their operations. Some of the primary findings in this year’s report (based upon 2012 data) include:¨ In 2012, franchised new vehicle dealerships in New Jersey generated more than 54,000 jobs. ¨ New Jersey residents earned over $2.74 billion as a result of their employment at automotive dealerships. ¨ The average dealership payroll was more than $4 million in 2012.¨ Dealerships collected or paid over $1.42 billion in State and local taxes.¨ Automobile dealerships spent over $360 million on advertising during 2012. ¨ Franchised new vehicle dealerships in New Jersey had total sales of more than $29 billion in 2012. ¨ Average dealership sales exceeded $56.5 million. ¨ Collectively, automobile dealerships contributed more than $13 million to various, community-based charitable causes. If you would like additional hard copies of the Economic Impact Document or a PDF version to distribute to local elected officials and media contacts, please contact Brian Hughes, NJ CAR Director of Communications at 609.883.5056, Ext. 315 or send an e-mail to [email protected].