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NJ CAR Partners With SpinCar To Provide Interactive WalkArounds That Can Boost Vehicle Sales

Aug 13, 2015

NJ CAR has recently partnered with SpinCar™, a company that offers an innovative software product that automatically stitches together standard interior and exterior vehicle photographs into an incredibly interactive 360o display. The technology provides auto shoppers with a completely interactive virtual walk around a dealership’s new and used vehicle inventory, enabling users to click and spin the image to get a complete view of the vehicle. It is an informative tool that will increase online leads and the amount of time shoppers spend on vehicle display pages.

The technology allows dealers to also create tagged, touchable, engaging hotspots on each vehicle, and provides analytics that track every move visitors make as they virtually walk around a dealer’s inventory, including how many times customers “spin” a vehicle and the specific features that most interest them.

The SpinCar™ technology works seamlessly with all dealer websites and quickly leverages current photography to start generating new leads and sales.

Consumer research shows that dealership websites with 360o views have higher levels of shopper engagement and a substantial increase in lead submissions compared to sites without them. Car shoppers benefit because the SpinCar™ technology provides a unique experience, tailored to each individual, because they are in greater control of the sales process.

Contact Mark McAleer at 609.883.5056, Ext. 332, or send an email to [email protected] to schedule an in-house demonstration.

You can also visit the SpinCar™ product page on the NJ CAR website for more information on the product, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Dealership Testimonials and short videos that explain how the walk around product can benefit your dealership. We have also attached a 360o Vehicle WalkAround Flyer to this NewsLetter that provides more information on the SpinCar™ technology.