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NJ CAR Offers Members A New Hiring Tool That Saves Time And Money

Jan 14, 2014

New Jersey dealers are hiring more and more people, and NJ CAR has created a program that will help dealers find the most qualified candidates for their dealerships. NJCAR has partnered with The Employment Network to offer a unique online Employment Recruitment Program designed to help make the dealership staffing process more cost effective and seamless. The Employment Network has a built-in pre-screening process and dealers only pay for qualified applicants that meet their criteria. Posting open positions on The Employment Network’s website is simple. Users simply set specific filters that screen applicants based upon the position’s required qualifications. This eliminates unsuitable candidates and saves time and money, enabling dealerships to target their staffing efforts with precision.This new NJ CAR Program does not require a long-term contract, and all positions are free to list with no minimum spending requirement. In addition, a maximum spending cap can be set for each position posted. For a small, additional fee, The Employment Network will even call-verify candidate responses to ensure all eligibility requirements.Since beta testing began in June 2013, NJ CAR’s Employment Recruitment Program has been successfully utilized by 55 dealerships. More than 700 qualified applicants have been selected to fill 112 positions at those dealerships. To date, 70% of participating dealers have reported one or more hires through the Program. In most cases, dealers have hired the first or second applicant provided by The Employment Network, drastically reducing their cost per hire. More than 65% of participating dealers have become repeat users with additional postings updated as new hiring needs develop.For further information, visit the Careers In Auto Retailing page on the NJ CAR Website ( You can also contact Mark McAleer at 609.883.5056, Ext. 332 ([email protected]) or Maryellen Adams at 718.307.6258 ([email protected]) or visit