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NJ CAR MV Operations Eliminates Backlog Caused By Flood

Apr 18, 2005

As of Friday, April 15th, NJ CAR’s Motor Vehicle Operations staff had processed all outstanding work on both the Dealer Agency and Online Registration sides of the operation.With long hours from everyone at the 770 building and help from employees at the Coalition’s 856 River Road headquarters, the staff was able to not only process work that continued to come in, but also erase a backlog of an entire week’s work as well.That’s two weeks of normal work processed in the span of five days. The 770 building is still experiencing sporadic telephone problems. If you get a message that “the extension no longer exists,” simply hit “0” and speak with the operator. Technicians are continuing to try to identify and finally resolve the problem. NJ CAR thanks you for your understanding during the past week and your patience as we returned to normal operations within a week of the tremendous flooding in Trenton.