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NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Seminar Can Help Used & Wholesale Dealerships

Apr 30, 2010

NJ CAR has put together a Motor Vehicle seminar that is tailor-made for Used Vehicle and Wholesale Business individuals and encourages all Coalition members to help promote these educational offerings to their contacts and partners in both the used and wholesale markets.
The Bottom Line On New Jersey Motor Vehicle Work is being offered as one half-day seminar on May 5, 2010 at NJ CAR Headquarters or broken up into three one-hour, weekly seminars on May 6 (Part 1, see below), May 13 (Part 2) and May 20, 2010 (Part 3) at Skyline Auto Auction in Fairfield, New Jersey.
Anyone who handles New Jersey Motor Vehicle documents cannot afford to miss this seminar. The cost of the half-day session is $99. Each of the weekly one-hour sessions are $39 each or $99 if all three are booked simultaneously.
The NJCAR Motor Vehicle Training & Reference Manual will be available for sale at each session. Topics include:
Part 1: New Jersey Titles
¨ History of
¨ Security Features
¨ Completing Paperwork
¨ What Not to do
Part 2: New Jersey Registrations
¨ Codes
¨ Obtaining Initial, Transfer
¨ Various License Plates
part 3: Document Processing and recordkeeping¨ Avoiding Errors and Delays¨ Corrections¨ Temps & Reassignments¨ Record Retention¨ Surviving an NJMVC Audit Go to the NJ CAR Website ( and click on the NJ CAR Academy button at the top of the page. Each course title serves as a link to a seminar description and Registration Form. Simply select the seminar you are interested in attending. Or you can call NJ CAR at 609.883.5056 and we will fax you a Registration Form for the course or courses you’d like to attend.