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NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Operations Processes 10,000 Transactions IN ONE DAY!

Oct 03, 2011

NJCAR Motor Vehicle Operations shattered all previous one-day records, when the staff processed 10,347 transactions on September 14. Following two days of floodwaters in Trenton that made the 770 River Road facility inaccessible, NJ CAR spent the weekend getting the parking lot and first level of the building cleaned, electricity restored and everything ready so staff could return to work on Monday, September 12 and hit the ground running. NJ CAR Motor Vehicle staff worked extended hours the entire week, starting at 7 a.m. and working late into the evening to catch up on dealers’ motor vehicle work each day. The biggest push to catch up came on Wednesday, September 14, when all 37 staff members processed motor vehicle work until 8 p.m., resulting in the highest volume day EVER for NJCAR’s Motor Vehicle Operations. Typical volume for Motor Vehicle Operations is 4,000 to 6,000 transactions per day. That average was doubled on September 14, thanks to the hard work and dedication of NJ CAR staff to get dealers’ transactions back to them as quickly as possible.