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NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Operation Remains Open

Mar 18, 2020

As many of you know, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has closed all branch Motor Vehicle agencies through March 29, 2020. NJ CAR Motor Vehicle Operations staff continue to serve our dealer members and the courier will remain on the road to pick up and drop off motor vehicle work.

We are doing our best to keep up with a dramatic rise in the volume of normal registration and title work. Keep in mind, there may be delays in returning completed motor vehicle work, due to the increase in volume. If work is not returned to your dealership on the regularly scheduled day, it will be returned on the following delivery date. Please note that work received via scheduled courier service receives “priority” attention. Federal Express and UPS packages are processed only after all scheduled courier work is complete. We appreciate your patience.

Due to limited staff at the Central NJMVC offices, transactions that involve Lien Releases and Vehicle Stop Codes may be delayed. Specialty transactions such as Corrections, MCO Backouts, Personalized License Plates and any centrally processed title or registration will most certainly be delayed.

NJ CAR is seeking clarification on how long these functions will be delayed and will pass that information on to our members as soon as it is received.