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NJ CAR Members Celebrate Major Safety Milestones

Aug 03, 2016

NJ CAR launched its Zero Injury Program (ZIP) in 2013 to provide dealer members with access to professional safety and loss control services. The main purpose of the Program is to assist dealership’s in their efforts to reduce employee injuries. As dealership’s reduce their number of injuries, the Coalition is able to deliver a more financially advantageous and robust Workers’ Comp Program to its members.

The Zip Program is fully supported by NJ CAR’s Workers’ Comp Program’s professional insurance administrator, Arthur J. Gallagher. Due to the success of the NJ CAR Workers’ Comp Program, the Coalition decided to expand it in 2015, and partnered with AmTrust North America, a proven leader in providing workers’ compensation coverage.

Just look at the incredible results Dealerships are achieving by embracing ZIP!

Dealer Location #1 – 202 days accident free!

Dealer Location #2 –258 days accident free!

Dealer Location #3 – 392 days accident free!

Dealer Location #4 – 505 days accident free!

Dealer Location #5 – 905 days accident free!

Dealer Location #6 – 932 days accident free!

In addition to these significant successes, total cost of claims for participants were three times less than those experienced by dealerships that have no formal safety program in place. ZIP is working well because it is a total safety, loss control and claims analysis initiative specifically tailored to provide the policies and procedures that can fully address the safety needs of the automotive industry.

Charles Russo, NJ CAR’s Risk Manager & Safety Specialist, is available to all dealer members who want to discuss how to increase safety, and safety awareness, at their dealerships. NJ CAR encourages all members to adopt a formal safety program like ZIP so they can enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, higher employee morale, and a significant reduction in their total cost of risk.

For more information about the NJ CAR Workers’ Compensation Program and its Zero Injury Program (ZIP), contact Charles Russo at 609.883.5056, Ext. 314, or send an email to [email protected].