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NJ CAR Launches Grassroots Recruitment & Digital Marketing Campaign

May 17, 2019

Sign Up NOW To Support YOUR Livelihood NJ CAR recently launched a grassroots campaign to build a network of supporters to engage with their elected officials. If you haven’t already done so, please go to and fill in the four requested fields or you can text NJCAR to 52886 and sign up on your mobile phone. It takes just a few seconds to join the NJ CAR grassroots network. NJ CAR isn’t asking you to get involved in politics. This is about policy—i.e., government actions that affect your dealership and your livelihood. Help NJ CAR build a network of tens of thousands of industry supporters who are ready to take action to support or oppose legislation that impacts our industry. NJ CAR works hard to promote legislation that benefits the 39,000 men and women who rely on franchised new car dealerships for their livelihoods and protect the industry from ill-conceived legislation, burdensome regulation or other obstacles to business success. The Coalition NEEDS YOUR HELP because the industry is stronger when we have a network of tens of thousands of industry supporters who are ready to take action to support or oppose legislation that impacts our industry.Imagine the impact of 39,000 voices, from the dealer principal to the lot attendant and everyone in between, fighting for stronger franchise protections and laws that protect car buyers and promote public safety. Our adversaries are very well organized and have thousands of supporters ready to contact their legislators on a moment’s notice. WE NEED TO MEET THEM HEAD ON. That’s why it is vital that you help NJ CAR build a powerful grassroots network of industry supporters. Sign up now at or text NJCAR to 52886. Please take a minute and fill out NJ CAR’s brief contact form at or text NJCAR to 52886, so you can stay up to date on the latest news impacting our industry. Encourage your friends and family members to sign-up as well. NJ CAR Launches Strategic Digital Marketing Campaign NJ CAR recently launched a multi-pronged, strategic digital marketing campaign to promote the many benefits New Jersey’s 510+ dealerships and nearly 39,000 employees bring to every city and town in which they operate. Video clips, static ads and banner ads are communicating the message regarding the economic benefits, employment benefits, safety benefits, and more that New Jersey’s neighborhood dealers provide to consumers and the State and local economies. Click HERE to see our 30-second video clip and share it on your social media accounts to spread the industry’s message far and wide. Learn more at!