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NJ CAR Joins 100+ Business Associations Expressing Concerns About Gov. Murphy’s Proposed 2021 Budget

Sep 06, 2020

NJ CAR recently joined more than 100 other New Jersey business associations, as signatories to a letter sent to Governor Murphy and members of the New Jersey Legislature, expressing our concern about the proposed 2021 State budget.

The letter stresses that businesses and individuals have been dealing with the painful consequences of the state-mandated shutdown during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It calls attention to how the initial budget proposal “spends, taxes and borrows excessively, and allocates funding irresponsibly.”

The letter urges our elected officials to revise the budget by doing the following:

  • Eliminating the new taxes that will make our state less competitive;
  • Cutting the new spending that is unnecessary amidst a global economic crisis;
  • Limiting the borrowing that will hurt taxpayers for many years to come; and
  • Pursuing the needed structural reforms to right-size our spending and make our state more affordable.

The letter stresses that New Jersey businesses and residents have gone to great lengths to cut their spending during the crisis, often making painful decisions in the process. Government needs to be willing to make the same sacrifices.

You can read the complete letter HERE.

NJ CAR will keep dealers informed of any developments related to the 2021 New Jersey State Budget.