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NJ CAR Hosts Cyber Security Risks Panel Discussion

Mar 24, 2022

Facing A Cyber Security Renewal?


NJ CAR hosted a panel discussion on cyber security on March 24, 2022.

Cyber security threats, and the needed insurance, are more important than ever. Understanding what puts your dealership at risk and how to protect it will put you a step ahead. Having the proper insurance is imperative, should you have a breach. Cyber liability insurance premiums are DOUBLING and sometimes TRIPLING, if you can even obtain a policy.

The panel consisted of John Farley, Managing Director of Arthur J. Gallagher’s Cyber Practice Group; Chris Cleveland, Co-Founder of ComplyAuto, and Greyson Hannigan, NJ CAR Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs.

The webinar covered:

•Privacy and cyber security amendments to the Safeguards Rule
•Best Practices/ Policies for dealership cyber hygiene
•Dealer exposure in the cyber space
•How to be best prepared for your cyber renewal
•Legal responsibilities in the event of a breach and more.

Comply With The New FTC Safeguards Rule slide presentationChris Cleveland, Co-Founder & CEO of ComplyAuto

Cyber Insurance: Market Conditions slide presentationJohn Farley, Managing Director of Cyber Practice, Gallagher

Click below to view a recording of the webinar: