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NJ CAR Encourages New Jersey Dealers To Support Louisiana Flood Victims

Sep 23, 2016

The National Automobile Dealers Association Charitable Foundation (NADACF) Emergency Relief Fund has already delivered more than $500,000 to over 400 Baton Rouge dealership employees who had submitted relief applications as a result of the recent floods in that area. NADA’s Emergency Relief Fund uses a graduated scale (based on the applicant’s total loss minus expected insurance proceeds and government assistance) to determine the amount of assistance to be granted.

To date, dealer associations from across the country have pledged $524,000 to the Fund (including a $250,000 NADA donation) and direct dealer donations have totaled more than $300,000. The Louisiana Auto Dealers Association (LADA) has requested that NADA handle the collection and distribution of relief funds because LADA does not currently have an apparatus in place to do so.

The situation in many parts of Louisiana, particularly around Baton Rouge, is devastating. At least 1,500 families with household members working at dealerships are among the 100,000-plus families in the area trying to recover from the devastating floods. That means as many as 1,500 relief fund applications could ultimately be submitted to NADA, once the word gets out to all affected dealership employees. It also means the fund needs to continue raising money.

NADA is campaigning to raise $2 million more from its members for the fund.

New Jersey Supports Louisiana Dealers And Their EmployeesAs victims of Hurricane Sandy, dealers in New Jersey can identify with what Baton Rouge-area dealers and their employees are going through. New Jersey dealers also remember how NADA stepped in to help dealers and their employees in their time of need in 2012. Now it’s time to give back.

The NJ CAR Charitable Foundation has made a $10,000 contribution to the NADACF Emergency relief effort in honor of Chairman Larry Kull and Larry has matched that donation with a $10,000 contribution of his own. Larry encourages all New Jersey dealers to contribute what they can, as well.

To donate to the NADACF Emergency Relief Fund, visit, or call 703.821.7233. Personal or corporate checks can be made payable to “NADCF Emergency Fund”, c/o NADCF, 8400 Westpark Drive, MS 7, Tysons, VA 22102.