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NJ CAR Consumer Advisory- Don’t Drive Through Standing Water

Sep 17, 2021

New Jersey’s franchised auto retailers were incredibly saddened by the recent loss of life in New Jersey due to extensive flooding and tornadoes spawned by the remnants of Hurricane Ida.  According to news reports, some individuals died in their vehicles, unable to escape rapidly rising waters.

This tragedy serves as an important opportunity to remind motorists- NEVER ATTEMPT TO DRIVE THROUGH STANDING WATER. It is often difficult to gauge the depth of the water and rising water can quickly disable electronic systems in vehicles, including electronic windows and door locks.

While most new cars can be operated from the inside by mechanical means, water pressure from the outside of the vehicle often makes it impossible to exit the vehicle through the door.

Motorists can prepare for this situation by keeping an emergency hammer, or one of many available tools that can be used to break a car window and/or cut away a seatbelt if you are trapped, in every vehicle.

EMS and First Responders utilize these tools to quickly shatter safety glass and cut away seatbelts to provide an escape route for trapped motorists in a variety of situations.

Remember, you can minimize your chances of being caught in your vehicle during a potential flash flood by doing the following:

  • Heed weather warnings, particularly those that ask motorists to stay off the road.
  • Exercise extreme caution if you must travel in bad weather.
  • Don’t drive into standing water that could disable your vehicle and leave you trapped
  • Be prepared.