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New Motor Vehicle Commission Chief Administrator Named

Mar 15, 2004

In a reshuffling of his administration, Governor James McGreevey recently appointed former Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Chief Administrator Diane Legreide to the position of Chief of Operations and Management. Ms. Legreide, who has been involved with many of the changes at the new Motor Vehicle Commission, will have direct responsibility and oversight of the cabinet of the McGreevey Administration, including the Motor Vehicle Commission. Ms. Legreide was replaced as Chief Administrator and Chair of the MVC by Sharon Harrington, who most recently served as State Director for U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg.Ms. Harrington also serves as Chair of the State Arts Council.According to Governor’s Office, the transition period from Ms. Legreide to Ms. Harrington is expected to last through the spring as the installation of the Digital Driver License (DDL) equipment at all 45 MVC agencies is completed. The MVC is currently in the process of implementing many changes mandated by the Fix DMV legislation signed by Governor McGreevey in January 2003.One of the largest projects the state has ever undertaken has been the creation and implementation of the DDL program.To date, seven of the state’s 45 motor vehicle agencies have received the DDL equipment since the rollout began January 20.