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New Jersey Unveils More Secure Driver License

Jun 03, 2011

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) recently unveiled New Jersey’s next generation of personal identification with a new Enhanced Digital Driver License (EDDL). The EDDL, which was fully implemented in all 39 MVC Agencies on May 11, 2011, builds on the security first introduced in 2004 with New Jersey’s digital license. The new license, while similar in appearance to the old license, features more than 25 covert and overt features designed to reduce fraud and abuse through updated technology and enhanced security features that are known only to the MVC and its law enforcement partners. The MVC would like to ensure that outside parties are aware of the details of this new document:Front¨ New, more secure, tamper-evident material.¨ Background security pre-print design, continuous edge-to-edge, visible through primary portrait and ghost image.¨ New cardholder name format (two lines):

§ Last/Suffix (1st line).§ First/Middle (2nd line).

¨ Under 21 Portrait moved up from previous bottom left location.¨ Organ Donor Designator positioned over ghost image.¨ Class positioned below header bar.¨ Issue/Expiration Dates positioned with Driver License Number, Date of Birth and Class.¨ “TEMP IMMGR” status positioned in header area, upper right of card.¨ UV: Changed from cardholder text on photo to UV design on top laminate (visible with ultraviolet light source).Back (Information is the same for Under 21 License)¨ Location of redundant data and 2D barcode changed; shifted right.¨ Location of EIN/1D barcode changed; positioned vertically at far left.¨ Features black silhouette of State of New Jersey.¨ Features gray MVC logo.