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NADA Begins Election Process For New Jersey Director

Apr 19, 2013

Current New Jersey Director Marcy Maguire Seeks Re-Election

Under the provisions of NADA’s By-laws, New Jersey auto retailers, who are members of NADA, should receive a nomination ballot for the position of NADA Director for NewJersey. The NADA Director ballots are expected to be mailed on May 3, 2013 and must be returned to NADA postmarked no later than May 24, 2013 in order to be counted.Subsequent to the close of the nominations period, the names of qualified nominees will be listed on election ballots that will be mailed to New Jersey’s NADA members on June 21, 2013. The NADA Director’s position is a three-year term of office that will begin in February 2014.New Jersey’s current NADA Director, Marcy Maguire, of Windsor Nissan, has been representing New Jersey’s auto retailers on the NADA Board since taking office in February 2008 at the NADA Convention in San Francisco.Marcy has indicated her desire to seek nomination to run for re-election as New Jersey’s NADA Director.