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MVC Dealer Licenses Expire March 31, 2007

Mar 02, 2007

Dealer Licenses expire at the end of March and your 2007 renewal should have been submitted prior to March 1 or the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will not guarantee that your Dealer License will be renewed prior to its expiration. If you haven’t already done so, NJ CAR encourages dealers to return their Dealer License Renewal applications to the MVC as soon as possible. As reported in previous NewsLetters, this year’s Dealer License Renewal Packet includes two additional documents that MUST be completed and returned to MVC to renew your dealership’s Wall License:

¨ Schedule of Business Hours (Revised Form). Check either Box A (if your dealership is open 48 hours or more); or Box B and list your dealership’s daily business hours of operation. The form MUST also be signed by an Officer, Partner or Member (if an LLC).

¨ Affidavit/Signature Card (Revised Form). Dealerships must include the names, addresses and signatures of specific dealership personnel who are authorized to sign motor vehicle title documents on behalf of the dealership. ALL authorized personnel are required to sign the Signature Card—make additional copies, as necessary. An Officer, Partner or Member (if an LLC) MUST also sign the bottom of the completed Signature Card as “Licensee.” The Licensee must also include their initials in the “Box” to the left of each signatory.

Be sure you also include the following:

¨ A check for $100 for the license renewal fee and $257.50 for each set of dealer plates and $77 for each set of motorcycle plates. Please Note: The Dealer Plate Fee has been increased, effective January 1, 2007, which MVC states is the result of a recalculation of existing charges that were not previously assessed. The dealer plate registration fee consists of the following individual charges: a $100 Dealer Registration Base Fee for a set of 5 plates, a $100 Transportation Trust fund charge, a $2.50 Traumatic Brain Injury Fund charge, a $35 Commission Service Fund charge and a $20 Helicopter Fund charge.

¨ Complete all questions and sign the application. Application must be signed by an Officer, Partner or Member (if an LLC) of the dealership. Signatures of managers or other dealership personnel are not acceptable and will cause the renewal application to be rejected.

¨ If you are changing Officers, Partners or Members (if an LLC), changing your dealership’s name or address, please contact NJ CAR prior to sending the renewal application to MVC. There is additional paperwork that will be required by MVC. NJ CAR staff can assist you with this so your application is not rejected.

¨ Lemon Law Bond. If you renewed your Bond through NJ CAR, please note: if the Bond is indicated as a “Continuation Certificate” in the upper right-hand corner, it is not necessary to have it signed or witnessed. If the Bond is a new issuance and not a continuation (renewal) certificate, be sure it is signed and includes the signature of a witness where indicated. Maintain a copy of the Bond for your records, in the event you are required to provide a copy to an auction, or another entity, at a later date.

¨ Certificate of Insurance – The Certificate must include either the number of dealer plates or the number of sets of dealer plates you are renewing (new car dealer plates are issued in sets of 5). Be sure MVC is listed as Certificate Holder and listed exactly as indicated on the instructions provided by MVC: NJMVC, Dealer Licensing Section, P.O. Box 171, Trenton, NJ 08666.

¨ Child Support Form – You must include a signed Child Support Form for each Owner, Officer, Partner or Member (if an LLC) listed on the renewal application. Make additional photocopies of the Child Support Form, as needed.

Note: The Coalition has heard from several members who have reported MVC returning the Affidavit/Signature Card for missing information (typically failing to include licensee’s initials next to the signatory lines). NJ CAR has been assured that return of this card will not delay the issuance of the renewal license. Dealerships whose Affidavit/Signature Card has been returned are urged to complete and promptly return it to MVC.

If your dealership has not mailed its MVC license renewal documents by March 1, please call NJCAR at 609.883.5056.