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MV Courier Pickups Cancelled Temporarily Due To Flood Damage

Sep 22, 2004

September 22, 2004 Due to severe flooding in the Trenton area, NJ CAR was forced to close its Motor Vehicle office at 770 River Road on Monday, September 20, 2004.The Motor Vehicle Operation will reopen as soon as the building is inspected and approved for occupancy. Motor Vehicle documents that were on the premises at the time of flooding ARE NOT damaged and are secure.The MV Operation is housed on the second story of the building.There is no electric or telephones and staff is not permitted to enter the building at this time. NJ CAR CANNOT PROCESS ANY TRANSACTIONS ON THE MVC COMPUTER SYSTEM AT THIS TIME.YOU MAY NEED TO SEND YOUR WORK TO YOUR LOCAL AGENCY.WE ARE HOPEFUL THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO GET BACK INTO THE BUILDING AND BEGIN TO PROCESS THE WORK WE HAVE ON HAND BY MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2004. NJ CAR has instructed AADI to only pick up work for those dealerships that are using the Online System since those dealerships are processing motor vehicle transactions in-house and not through the MVC computer system.Only the green and red bags will be picked up.No work will be picked up for the Dealer Agency (blue bags) or for foreign title transactions (maroon bags). We have the following Dealer Agency and Foreign Title work on hand and unprocessed: ·Work picked up on Friday, September 17 ·Work picked up on Monday, September 20 ·Work picked up on Tuesday, September 21 If you want NJ CAR to return this unprocessed work to you, please call NJ CAR Headquarters at 609.883.5056, extension 344, and someone will help you. Otherwise we will keep it secured and will process as soon as electric and computer systems are restored. In the meantime, since the telephones are not functioning and staff is not allowed in Motor Vehicle Operations building, should you have any questions, please call NJ CAR headquarters at 609.883.5056 extension 344.We will have limited Motor Vehicle staff at NJ CAR Headquarters to return calls. We are doing everything possible to resume normal operations and staff will work overtime once we are able to return to the building.Thank you for your cooperation and patience.