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Marine for Life Program Launches Online Job Board

Jul 30, 2004

The Marine for Life Program, which helps connect Marines leaving active duty with individuals and organizations that can provide information and assistance regarding employment, housing, and other civilian-life matters, recently launched an online job board. The Marine for Life program invites auto retailers to add their support to this excellent program, by applying to be added as a resource that thousands of transitioning Marines can contact for job leads or other assistance.Many of the Marines who enter the program have a combination of management experience, computer experience and traditional blue collar skills. The new online job board will allow dealerships to post open positions.Simply go to the Marine for Life website ( and click on the “Request Application” button under the For Employers section.Read the self-certification form, check the box at the bottom and click on “Next.”Complete steps 1, 2 and 3, select Major Richard Vaill as the Hometown Link (listed under the Mid-Atlantic region), click “Submit” and the process is completed. Once your application has been submitted and approved you will receive a confirmation e mail.At this point they may post jobs online using the following process: 1) Log in using the username provided and click on “Manage Jobs.”If you cannot remember the username, call the Marine for Life Help Desk at 1.866.HELPM4L. 2) Click on “Add Jobs” and complete the form, indicating how long you want the job posted.If the position can be applied for via the Internet, please include that link.Hit “Post” when the form is completed.All jobs posted by a particular dealership can be viewed and will be assigned a status of “open” or “closed.”If the job expires, it cannot be viewed by Transitioning Marines until it has been refreshed. Hit “Post.” In the future, users will also have the ability to browse resumes and profiles.If you have any questions, please contact Major Richard Vaill, USMC, at 862.849.9683.