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Is Your DOT HazMat Certification Current?

Apr 03, 2015

DOT Hazardous Material Certification TrainingApril 22, 2015

This half-day Seminar is critical for anyone in the dealership who is required to have a DOT HazMat Certification. Thomas Grenci, of Environmental Compliance Monitoring (ECM), will provide participants with an overview of the training regulations and requirements as they relate to the DOT-required HazMat Certification.

All attendees will learn what training is required by federal and State regulations applicable to dealerships and will receive their DOT HazMat Certificate. Seminar topics include: Recordkeeping requirements; What hazardous materials are regulated; Determining the hazard class and packing group; Packaging, including proper marking and labeling; Emergency information required with shipments; Security issues; and much more.

The Seminar costs $189 per person (NJ CAR Dealer Members) and will be held from 9:30 AM until 1 PM on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at NJ CAR Headquarters (856 River Road, West Trenton, New Jersey 08628). This training course will satisfy initial and three-year refresher DOT training requirements for a designated HazMat employer.

As stated in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), an employer meeting the definition of a hazardous material shipper is required to provide HazMat training to its employees who handle such materials. HazMat training is required by the DOT for any employee responsible for the shipping of hazardous materials. Employers are also required to maintain documentation relative to the training and provide refresher training every three years. In most instances, automobile dealerships send and receive hazardous materials making them subject to the regulations. Many vehicle manufacturers also require that dealers provide training documentation.

You can register for this (or any NJ CAR ACADEMY) Seminar at the NJ CAR ACADEMY Page under the EDUCATION Tab on the public side of the Coalition’s Website ( We have also attached a Registration Form for your convenience.