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Introducing a Used Vehicle Market Edition of NJ Auto Outlook

Mar 21, 2007

Capitalizing on the success of its monthly New Jersey Auto Retailing Reports and quarterly Auto Outlook Reports for new car and truck sales, Auto Outlook, Inc. has introduced a quarterly Used Vehicle Market Edition Report, the first of which is enclosed with this NewsLetter.

The primary objective of this new report is to provide practical and objective information on NewJersey’s used vehicle market. Used vehicle sales are a major revenue source for many dealerships, and these quarterly reports will help dealers view trends and read in-depth regional analysis to help increase the profitability of their used vehicle departments.

Thereport can be found on the Members’ side of the NJ CAR website, under the Links for Membes section. This newreport provides a detailed review of market trends, an analysis of recent sales results, and identified “hot spots” and “cold spots” in the New Jersey market.

The New Jersey Auto Outlook– Used Vehicle Market Edition is printed, sponsored and distributed by NJCAR, and is provided free-of-charge to all members as an added benefit of membership.