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How Do The New COVID Developments Impact Dealerships?

Apr 06, 2021

A lot has changed since the Coalition last held a webinar discussing the NJ CAR Clean Program.
The Coalition held an update webinar on April 6 that touched on the following:
  • Updated State and federal guidelines and regulations
  • OSHA enforcement and investigations
  • Handling formal complaints
  • Written COVID protection programs/policies
  • Streamlining employee health screening
  • Employer responsibilities
  • COVID Vaccines
  • Current isolation/quarantine parameters

The webinar presenters were Breanna Esquilin, NJ CAR Director of Workforce Development; Greyson Hannigan, NJ CAR Director of Legal Affairs; and Charles Russo, NJ CAR Risk Manager & Safety Specialist.

Click HERE for copy of the slide presentation.

Click below to view a recording of the webinar: