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Hole-In-One Events Provide Incredible Marketing Opportunities

Mar 03, 2005

We are all still digging out from Monday’s snowstorm but, believe it or not, the NJ CAR Hole-in-One Program has already booked a handful of events for the spring. While many NJ CAR members have booked hole-in-one events through the NJ CAR program; in a recent review of the Coalition’s records we found that some dealerships have never sponsored an event through the NJ CAR program. For those dealerships that have never utilized NJ CAR’s Hole-in-One Program, one of two answers is likely.Either the dealership has never participated in a Hole-in-One event or they have been participating in events but didn’t know NJ CAR offered some of the finest benefits of any hole-in-one program on the market. If you’ve never offered a car from your dealership as a prize for a hole-in-one at a local golf outing, you are missing out on a very inexpensive way to get tremendous exposure and show great community spirit, all while spending only a few dollars.Depending on the value of the vehicle and the number of players, insuring a donated car against a hole-in-one winner can cost as little as $250.Your dealership’s name on signage and the recognition received from the charitable organization that is the beneficiary of the vehicle’s donation are worth many times the cost of the insurance. If you have been part of hole-in-one events in the past, keep in mind that the Coalition’s program, in partnership with Universal Underwriters Group, provides members with a source for obtaining hole-in-one insurance coverage at very reasonable and discounted prices.What other program offers all of the following: ·The ability to obtain a fast and accurate quote online at ·Two levels of premium: one with personalized signage and another without. ·Flexibility in ordering–receive a 4% premium discount when ordering online and paying by credit card or fax an application that can be invoiced to a credit card. ·Reusable four-color signs that have the fastest turnaround time in the market.Signs can be reused throughout the year, saving the dealership money. ·Receive a 15% discount on all NJ CAR Services, Inc. golf-related products ordered in connection with the hole-in-one event. ·Incredible Customer Service, including last minute events that can be handled with a phone call and fax application. ·Auxiliary prizes of $500 for three additional par-3 holes. ·Prize value restored for additional holes. Attached you will find a copy of the NJ CAR Hole-in-One Program Application and background information on the program.