Governor Phil Murphy recently signed Executive Order No. 230, which increases indoor capacity limits for certain businesses and also increases general indoor and outdoor gathering limits effective Friday, March 19, 2021 at 6:00 AM.

The Order allows restaurants, cafeterias, food courts, bars, indoor recreation, amusement and entertainment businesses, as well as personal care service businesses to increase indoor capacity limits from 35% to 50%. These businesses must continue to abide by current health and safety protocols, including face covering and physical distancing requirements.

Additionally, the Order increases the general indoor gathering limit from 10 to 25 people. Gatherings that currently have a higher limit (weddings, funerals, political events, etc…) will remain unchanged. The general outdoor gathering limit also will increase from 25 to 50 people.

New Jersey’s mask mandate and other COVID-19 health and safety protocols remain in effect.

While Executive Order No. 230 raises the capacity for restaurants and others, it does NOT change restrictions on essential retail businesses, such as new car dealerships. These restrictions were not as strict as non-essential businesses. For dealerships this means they must continue to:

  • Maintain proper social distancing within their facilities;
  • Require face coverings by employees and customers;
  • Limit occupancy capacity to 50%;
  • Frequently sanitize high touch areas of the showroom and service waiting areas; and
  • Sanitize vehicles before and after service, test drives and upon delivery

Dealers should also ensure they are compliant with all OSHA and CDC guidelines, both of which have been incorporated into the Coalition’s dealership-specific program, NJ CAR Clean.  Contact NJ CAR at 609.883.5056 for more information on becoming a NJ CAR Clean certified dealership.