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Governor Christie Signs Legislation To Honor New Jersey War Heroes

Mar 04, 2011

Family License Plates To Preserve

Memory Of Lost Loved Ones

Governor Chris Christie recently signed legislation that clears the way for the first Gold Star Family license plate to be issued in New Jersey. P.L. 2011, c.17 authorizes the special license plates for any motor vehicle owned or leased by a family member of a member of the armed services who lost his or her life while on active duty for the United States. The new plates are emblazoned with an American flag with a Gold Star in the center and imprinted with the word Hero. The Gold Star Mothers dates back to World War I, when a Blue Star was used to represent each person in the Military Service of the United States. As military personnel were lost in combat or died of their wounds, the Gold Star became an accepted symbol to use to honor the service member’s supreme sacrifice and the pride of the family. It has been used through to the present day. Eligibility for the plates will be determined by the Gold Star Mother’s organization and provided by the MVC free-of-charge. Those eligible include spouses, parents, brothers, sisters, children, legal guardians or other legal custodians of any member of the armed services who dies while on active duty. The MVC also offers three other military based specialty plates including one honoring prisoners of war, recipients of the Silver Star and recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Consumers interested in obtaining a Gold Star license plate (or any organizational plate) must complete the appropriate application and have it approved by the Gold Star Mother’s (or other applicable) organization. Once approval is obtained, the application can be submitted directly to NJMVC.