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Follow NJ CAR On Facebook And Twitter

Sep 26, 2011

NJ CAR is working to develop its use of social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter. We invite anyone with a Facebook account to make our page one of your favorites. To date, we have nearly 100 people on our page. If you utilize Twitter, we invite you to follow us. You can reach both pages by clicking on the links at the top of the NJ CAR homepage ( A Champion Of NJ CAR’s Social Network Since we are still developing our processes for using these communication tools, we’d like to ask our members and their employees what type of information you’d like to see us post on Facebook and Twitter. Some early ideas include: recognizing dealership achievements around the State, linking people to news stories that impact the industry and posting updates, in real-time, from inside NJ CAR’s various seminars to give those who didn’t attend a taste of what they could be learning. There are an infinite number of possibilities and we want to hear from you—what would you like to see on Facebook and Twitter? E-mail NJ CAR Director of Communications, Brian Hughes, at [email protected] with your feedback. We hope to hear from you!