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Five NJ CAR Employees Recognized For 20 Years Of Service

Dec 08, 2014

Five NJ CAR staff members were honored at the Coalition’s November 19, 2014, Board of Trustees Meeting for 20years of service to NJ CAR. Mary Lynn Edwards first began working at NJ CAR’s Dealer Agency as a Motor Vehicle Processor back in 1994. She’s a natural teacher, so her skills have been put to good use training others in all aspects of the Motor Vehicle Operation. In 2013, Mary Lynn became Personnel Supervisor/Technical Advisor for NJCAR’s Motor Vehicle Operation where she continues to train, audit, troubleshoot and supervise for the DSP, Online Operation and Title Services. Her versatility is a tremendous benefit to NJCAR.Diana Kendall began working as a Dealer Agency Processor in September 1994, and transitioned to the modern day “DSP” environment in 2007. A few years ago, she began assisting NJCAR’s Title Services Division, where her skills quickly became invaluable. Diana processes specialty transactions, corrections and Motor Vehicle paperwork from out-of-State dealerships.Mark McAleer is NJ CAR’s Field Services Coordinator and handles member inquiries on Motor Vehicle matters, DOBI licensing, DEP matters and various member programs. He also assists with Social Media management. Because Mark is the only member of the NJ CAR staff to have ever worked in a dealership, his insights about what will and what won’t work in the field have helped shape many NJCAR programs and member services.Kay (Kaaron) Pruden began working as a Motor Vehicle Processor back in 1994, when the DSP was known as the Dealer Agency. She’s been here through the ups and downs of car sales and numerous changes to NJMVC procedures. Kay’s dedication has made her a vital member of the NJCAR team.Jenny Ward was barely out of her teens when she joined NJCAR as a Receptionist. She moved to the NJ CAR Telecommunications Program in 1998 and has been managing the program since 2008. Jenny is the primary point of contact for all NJ CAR Telecom customers.Please join the NJ CAR leadership and staff in congratulating Mary Lynn, Diana, Mark, Kay and Jenny for the 20 years of dedicated service they have given NJ CAR.