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Dealerships Warn of New Internet

Feb 01, 2005

A dealer member has notified NJ CAR about a very plain-looking “invoice” they received from a Plattsburgh, New York-based company, for “web services.”The member said they did not currently have this service and believes the invoice is a scam. The invoice, dated December 29, 2004, is for $485 and has an invoice number (27328). A second dealer member also received a $495.50 invoice from a Plattsburgh, New York company.This invoice was for the purchase of a CD-ROM that the dealership did not order. As always, NJ CAR recommends all members use purchase orders when purchasing goods or services, so P.O. numbers can be matched with orders received.Also, we encourage dealers to thoroughly read any invoices, purchase orders, or checks that may be used as a solicitation.