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Dealers No Longer Able to Apply for Corp Codes

Aug 06, 2004

In response to the elevated security threat involving potential terrorism in New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C., the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) abruptly announced security measures earlier this week that will impact handling of motor vehicle paperwork. With the latest potential terrorist threat mentioning the use of car or truck bombs, the issuance of corp codes, and the relative anonymity they provide, has become a concern for the MVC.According to the MVC, bogus companies can potentially incorporate and then title and register vehicles, leaving no link to individual identities. In an effort to combat fraudulent company identities, MVC has announced changes to corp code issuance procedures that are effective immediately. All applications for initial issuance of corp codes must be made in person at one of New Jersey’s 45 walk-in Motor Vehicle agencies.Only an owner or an authorized executive representative of the applicant company may present the application.All applications will be reviewed by Agency Helpline, as well as MVC’s Security and Investigation Unit, prior to issuance. Dealerships may no longer present a customer’s application for issuance of a corp code on their behalf, but should instead refer them to where they will learn more about MVC’s increased scrutiny of corp code requests. Earlier this week, NJ CAR’s Motor Vehicle Operations sent a memo to dealerships using the Dealer Agency or online program to advise of MVC’s new procedures regarding corp code issuance.Dealerships should be aware that it may take as long as five days from initiation of the application to obtain a new corp code.Questionable paperwork or requests that require follow up will extend the timeline for completion. On a positive note, the new procedures offer protection to dealerships by freeing them from the responsibility of representing a company that may be of questionable standing.Individuals making application for initial issuance of a corp code will also be better equipped to answer questions and provide additional documentation to MVC directly, rather than through a dealership acting on their behalf.NJ CAR recommends dealers contact Sue Sbarro, Director of NJ CAR’s Motor Vehicle Operations, at 609.530.2808, ext. 211, with any questions.