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Dealers Eligible For State Grants To Install EV Charging Stations

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New Jersey auto dealers are eligible for grants from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to purchase and install electric vehicle charging stations. The program, It Pay$ to Plug In, is one of the ways the NJDEP is utilizing the funds the State received as part of the Volkswagen emission settlement.

It Pay$ to Plug In is designed to expand New Jersey’s network of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and address one of the biggest obstacles to greater EV adoption. The Program will reimburse up to $750 for each Level 1 charging station, $5,000 for each single-port Level 2 charger and $6,000 for each dual-port Level 2 charging station.

How To Apply For A Charging Grant?

Step 1: Complete the Application Form, Project Information Form, Certification Checklist, Deadlines Acknowledgement Form, W-9 Form, and sign up yourdealershipfor NJStart.

Step 2: Submit the materials to the NJDEP at [email protected].

Step 3: If the application is approved, NJDEP will provide an agreement to the dealership.

Step 4: Charging station(s) must be installed within 9 months. Completed projects are not eligible, so don’t purchase or install equipment before grant approval.

Step 5: Complete and submit the Reimbursement Request Form along with paid invoices to NJDEP at [email protected].

Step 6: After NJDEP review and approves invoices, grant funds will be disbursed.

Additional details are available at You can also contact the NJDEP at [email protected] or 609.292.7953.

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