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Dealers Assist Police In Capturing Individual Suspected In Several North Jersey Vehicle Thefts

Nov 05, 2013


J CAR was recently contacted by two dealers in Northern New Jersey who were victimized by a car thief. At the time, two vehicles had been stolen and the alleged thief had been spotted at a third location but left before police arrived. A report was filed with the Springfield Police Department.

NJ CAR issued an alert on October 17, 2013.On October 19, 2013, a dealership who received and distributed the Coalition’s alert spotted an individual at their dealership wearing the same clothes as the suspect in the image that accompanied NJCAR’s blast e-mail. The Maplewood Police Department was called and the suspect was detained.

NJ CAR helped the two police departments involved in the incidents connect so they could share information provided by the dealerships. Soon after, a Detective from the Union City Police Department contacted the Coalition in response to its alert and stated that another vehicle had been stolen that fit the same profile and requested information on the other police departments involved.

This a prime example of how dealers can help each other when they become aware of a potential scam or other criminal activity. Please contact NJ CAR and we will alert your fellow dealers as quickly as possible.