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Controlling Telecom Costs At Your Dealership

Dec 06, 2004

If you are currently using the NJ CAR/AT&T long distance service, you may have seen something that is unheard of in these economic times—your charges have been reduced thanks to a new contract NJ CAR negotiated with AT&T that provides members with even deeper discounts on long distance rates. Whether you are currently using the NJ CAR long distance program or not, NJ CAR’s Telecommunications Program has put together product packages that can save an average dealership, with 21 phone lines, $200 more per month, depending on their specific calling patterns, by combining NJ CAR long distance service with local and Internet services. Dealers, who have made the call and signed up for NJ CAR’s full suite of telecommunication services, have saved up to 20% on line charges alone.With a Local T1 line, all dealership phone numbers remain the same, so there is no interruption to business operations. NJ CAR’s Telecommunications Program offers complete phone systems, networking, wiring and hardware components, such as firewalls and routers.With Channel Banks included in all Local T1 orders, there is no need to purchase additional equipment for existing phone systems.The program also offers a fully-managed T1, high-speed Internet connection or discounted DSL (subject to local availability). Above all, NJ CAR’s Telecommunications Program offers convenience.There are NO contracts to sign, one phone number to call for all changes, billing questions and repairs, and NJ CAR offers consolidated billing that includes charges for local lines, toll, and long distance and Internet services on one bill. If you are an existing NJ CAR customer, see how your telecom costs can be further reduced by combining services.If you are not an existing NJ CAR customer, what are you waiting for?Send us your bills for a no-cost, no-obligation analysis that will let you know how much your dealership can potentially save with the full suite of NJ CAR telecom services.For more information or to cut your telecom costs dramatically, please contact Terry Driscoll at 609.883.5056, extension 326 or Jenny Ward at 609.883.5056, extension 349.