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Charge Up New Jersey EV Incentive Program UPDATE

Jul 13, 2023

The Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) Charge Up New Jersey electric vehicle incentive program launched at 11:00 AM yesterday– July 12, 2023. 

Any vehicle ordered, purchased, or leased after the FY23 program closure date (April 17th, 2023) and before the FY24 program launch date (July 12th, 2023) will NOT be eligible for an incentive.

The Center For Sustainable Energy (CSE), the administrator of the Charge Up New Jersey program, has provided some clarification regarding the process of reserving funding for ordered vehicles, dealership account updates, and troubleshooting common error messages when attempting to submit applications.

Below is a brief overview of the reservation process for ordered vehicles:

The FY24 Charge Up New Jersey program will feature the same reservation process from the previous FY23 program, allowing dealerships and showrooms to submit applications for ordered vehicles, even if delivery is slated for several months out.

Use the Ordered Vehicles Reference Document as a guide for reserving the appropriate incentive for any customers who order an eligible vehicle. Dealers can use the FY24 Placeholder Document to complete the initial application. Once the ordered vehicle comes in for delivery, the dealership must then upload the final documentation, such as the vehicle purchase or lease agreement and registration.

Dealer representatives will need to compile the following documents to give to whomever submits the applications for the dealership:

  • The signed and completed FY24 Terms & Conditions Form (attached)
  • A copy of the customer’s valid, unexpired New Jersey Driver’s License
  • A proof of order document or vehicle configuration document that lists the following:
  1. Name of Customer
  2. Name of Dealership
  3. Year, Make, Model, and Trim (if applicable) of the ordered vehicle
  4. Date of order
  5. MSRP at the time of order

Please be advised, dealers have 14 days, after the order of the vehicle, to submit an application to reserve the incentive. Then, upon delivery, dealers and showrooms will have 14 days, after the vehicle has been delivered, to submit all final documentation.

The Ordered Vehicles Reference Document provides further detail on how the process works, and the Duplicate VIN Errors document will provide assistance, in the event a placeholder VIN has already been assigned.

New for FY24

If Dealerships or Showrooms do not intend to reserve funding at the time of order, they must provide written notice to the customer noting that eligible vehicles will remain eligible for the incentive at the time of purchase or lease pending availability of funds. Dealerships or Showrooms may satisfy this requirement by providing the attached Dealership Deferment of Reserved Funds form to the customer for their review and signature at the time the customer orders the vehicle. This deferment form does not need to be uploaded with the other documents and may be kept on file at the dealership.

If your dealership or showroom requires assistance in updating points of contact or correspondence, please use the attached FY24 Dealership Update document.

Please notePer the Terms and Conditions of the program, the incentive is to be applied at the point-of-purchase/lease by the dealership and cannot be issued to the customer post-purchase via check. 

Any questions regarding the program can be directed to Charge Up New Jersey staff at [email protected] or at (877) 426 – 2474. You can also contact NJ CAR Director of Communications Brian Hughes ([email protected]) or Director of Government Affairs Magdalena Padilla ([email protected]).