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Benefits of Document Scanning Webinar Posted To Website

Jul 21, 2016

Document scanning can save a dealership time, space and money. Proper storage of information can also help ensure dealers are compliant with all of their State and federal record-keeping responsibilities, and can easily produce critical documents for manufacturer queries or audits.

NJ CAR hosted a FREE Webinar on June 22. Michael Dachille, Managing Director of Business Development at Micro Graphic Information Services (MGIS), discussed the many benefits of document scanning and storage. He also spoke about NJ CAR’s AutoTrieve product—a DMS-free document scanning retrieval service. The service is a secure, easy-to-use and economical way to scan and retrieve the immense amount of paperwork generated in a dealership.

You can find the FREE Webinar on the NJ CAR website. Click on the Education tab and select “NJ CAR Exclusive Webinars” from the drop-down menu. The “Document Scanning Saves Time And Money Webinar” is posted at the top of the page.