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Be Wary Of Reduced Rate Energy Solicitations

Oct 22, 2015

NJ CAR has received reports from several dealerships regarding calls from a representative of a company claiming to be Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L). The caller mentions that the dealership is eligible for a lower electric rate and that the dealership is due rebates with their current program. The caller asks for confirmation to start the new rate and account information.

These calls are NOT originating from JCP&L, because a legitimate representative of the utility would have no need to ask for account information. These calls are reportedly from a company named American Power & Gas. A quick Internet search found this company has had hundreds of complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau over the last several years.

“Slamming” is the practice of switching utility suppliers without the customer’s knowledge. Telemarketers get the attention of their targets by promising rates lower than those of the dealership’s current utility suppliers or, in this case, claiming to be from the current electric supplier.

To help protect yourself from being “slammed,” NJ CAR encourages dealers NOT to provide information over the phone, but rather request written communication from the caller. If you have any questions, call your utility company directly for verification.

For more information about NJ CAR’s Electric Program or potential energy “scams,” please contact Gail Caputi at 609.883.5056, Ext. 348 or via email at [email protected].