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AutoTrieve Offers New Document Scanning Programs

Sep 26, 2017

NJ CAR partnered with AutoTrieve in early 2016, to provide dealers with a unique and inexpensive program to scan their internal “paper” documents, and make them easily accessible. For the past 18 months, participating dealers have been digitizing everything from deal jackets to repair orders. Now, AutoTrieve has created parallel programs to scan Human Resource Employee files, as well as Accounts Payable checks and invoices. Under the program, either AutoTrieve will scan the documents or the dealership can handle the scanning themselves.

There are many reasons why scanning and storing dealership documents is becoming more and more of a necessity; including no more sorting, filing, copying and re-filing documents. Scanning assists with privacy and compliance issues. Confidential files are stored safely in digital form, which frees up considerable office space and documents can easily be retrieved.

For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact either Gail Caputi at 609.760.2043 or Mallory Bakst at 732.757.8678.