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AT&T-SBC Merger Will Benefit NJ CAR Telecom Program

Feb 18, 2005

A few weeks ago, business headlines were made with the announcement that AT&T and SBC Communications would merge into one entity.For those dealerships who are currently utilizing the NJ CAR Telecommunications Program, you may be wondering what impact the impending merger will have on your service.The answer is that this merger is great news for NJ CAR and the dealers who currently participate in the Coalition’s Telecommunications Program, as well as potential new customers. AT&T’s pending combination with SBC is a marriage of strength that will only enhance the combined company’s ability to provide dealerships participating in the NJ CAR Telecommunications Program with the industry’s best communications services. SBC is making the acquisition specifically to gain access to AT&T’s business markets, such as dealerships.The merger makes great business sense for both companies.SBC’s residential focus is an excellent complement to AT&T’s slate of business clients.This merger will create a stronger relationship between the companies and their existing customers served by the NJ CAR Telecommunications Program, as well as offer the opportunity for new customers to discover the benefits of the combined company. As part of the new corporate entity, SBC/AT&T will continue to make significant investments in upgrading existing services and creating new products.This will only benefit the NJ CAR Telecommunications Program, which will continue to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions for all dealership communication needs.