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ALERT: Dealerships Will Still Be Able To Sell & Deliver Vehicles And Process eTemps In The Event Of A State Shutdown

Jun 29, 2018

The possibility of a State government shutdown has dealers concerned about their ability to deliver vehicles and finalize motor vehicle title and registration transactions.

NJ CAR has reached out to the NJMVC to discuss contingency plans and to ensure that dealers would be able to deliver cars and conduct sales activities over the weekend and through the busy holiday sales week. We are advised that:

  • The MVC system will remain active, even during a government shutdown.
  • Dealers WILL be able to process eTemps through the State portal. If the site goes down, there are two alternative options to access the eTemp Tag System:

oThe first option is available through your Online vendor. Since most dealers use the Online systems offered by DealerTrack (Cox) or CVR, this option would be the easiest alternative. (Contact your Online vendor to find out how your dealership can take advantage of this option.)

oThe NJMVC offers an alternative access to the eTemp Tag System, when the normal login is unavailable. This process is more involved and specific instructions are detailed in the MVC’s memo attached below.

•In the event of a State shutdown, titles will still be printed and delivered as always (assuming there is no problem with the State system). That means dealers should be able to deliver titles and plates, as usual, before temps expire.

•If there is a problem, the State is prepared to issue an Executive Order that would temporarily extend ALL Motor Vehicle documents, including temps.

Please note that a State shutdown will result in the closing of local Motor Vehicle Agencies; however, NJ CAR’s DSP operation will remain open and dealers will still be able to process titles and registrations using either of the Online (DOSP) vendors.

NJ CAR will continue to monitor the situation in Trenton and keep dealers updated as things progress.

NJMVC eTemp Alternative Process Memo