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Acting Governor Richard Codey Sworn In

Nov 18, 2004

On Tuesday, November 16, Senate President Richard J. Codey officially assumed the office of Acting Governor.He will serve as Acting Governor for the remainder of Governor McGreevey’s term, which runs through January 17, 2006.Under provisions of the New Jersey constitution, Acting Governor Codey will continue to serve as Senate President, as well. He will continue to introduce legislation, refer legislation to committee and decide whether or not to post legislation for consideration by the full Senate.He will also exercise all the powers of Governor, such as signing or vetoing legislation, making appointments to judgeships and State offices, and preparing a budget for presentation to the Legislature. While Codey is not expected to make wholesale personnel changes, there are several important posts he is expected to fill shortly.Included among these are the Commissioners of Health and Senior Services, Labor and Workforce Development and Personnel.He has appointed a new Chief of Staff, Peter Cammarano, a new Chief Counsel, Paul Fader, and new Deputy Chief of Staff, Joseph Fiordaliso.