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Accident Investigations & Claims Management Webinar Posted To NJ CAR Website

Jun 11, 2018” alt=”” width=”300″ hspace=”10″ vspace=”10″ border=”0″ align=”right”> 06/11/2018

NJ CAR has posted a FREE, 20-minute webinar entitled Accident Investigations & Claims Reporting Management, presented by Charles Russo, NJ CAR’s Risk Manager & Safety Specialist. The webinar discusses preventable accidents and injuries that can occur in EVERY department of the dealership, the importance of completing a proper accident investigation and proven steps dealers can take to reduce the economic impact injuries have on the dealership’s bottom line.

Charles also explains how to establish and enforce a policy that clearly defines the process for reporting a work-related injury and managing the claim until it is closed. He also emphasizes the value of a dealership having a REAL safety program in place, such as NJ CAR’s Zero Injury Program (ZIP), to minimize accidents and injuries.

ZIP was created specifically to address the unique issues related to franchised car and truck retailers and was developed in partnership with industry leaders to address the specific loss control and injury prevention needs of the automotive retail industry. For more information about ZIP or NJ CAR’s Workers’ Compensation Program, please contact Charles at 609.883.5056, Ext. 314 or via email at [email protected].

Youcan find the FREE Webinar on the NJ CAR website. Click on the Education tab and select “NJ CAR Exclusive Webinars” from the drop-down menu. The “Accident Investigations & Claims Reporting Management” webinar is posted at the top of the page.