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2015 Automotive Sales On Track For Record

Nov 20, 2015

Following the best October auto sales since 2001, the industry is on pace to sell the most new cars and trucks ever in a single year, and break the all-time record of 17.41 million vehicles set in 2000. According to Autodata Corp., 1.46 million new cars and trucks were sold in October, the highest total for the month in 14 years—and up 13.6% compared to October 2014. The strong sales numbers are expected to continue through the end of the year as automakers offer more holiday and year-end incentives. Most industry analysts now predict 2015 full-year sales to reach anywhere between 17.4 million and 17.8 million vehicles.The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is slightly more conservative, forecasting sales of 17.3 million vehicles when 2015 is all said and done.