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SpinCar 360° WalkArounds NJ CAR has partnered with SpinCarTM to provide dealers with an innovative new product. Now you can automatically stitch together standard interior and exterior vehicle photographs into an interactive 360° display with tagged, touchable, engaging hotspots for web and mobile viewing. Gone are the days of static, two-dimensional vehicle photos. This technology puts car shoppers in control of the sales experience, allowing them to spend more time learning about the vehicle features that are most important to them.

The SpinCar product provides value to dealers by helping them significantly increase their online leads and the time shoppers spend on VDPs, while dramatically decreasing website bounces.

The product provides embedded analytics that track every move your visitors make. You’ll receive data concerning how many times customers are "spinning" your vehicle and what specific features they find most interesting.

SpinCar works seamlessly with all dealer websites and quickly leverages your current photography workflow to start generating new leads and sales in a matter of days.


For more information or to schedule an in-house demonstration of this great product, please contact Mark McAleer at 609.883.5056, x332 or mmcaleer@njcar.org.

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Meet SpinCar (1:54)
  New Product Feature ­ Conditional Hotspots (1:42)
Car Shoppers Demand Enhanced,
Virtual Buying Experience (2:32)
  SpinCar 360 Bridges the Gap for Video (1:55)
Why Dealer Websites are Failing to Convert (1:43)
  Driving Visitors Directly to Your Dealer Website
is Money in the Bank (2:06)
Brian Pasch Interviews CEO Devin Daly (18:30)


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