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  NJ CAR Title Services  

NJ CAR Title Services provides participating dealerships with assistance regarding specialized New Jersey Motor Vehicle transactions. The myriad of New Jersey forms, policies and ever-changing Motor Vehicle procedures can be difficult for anyone to navigate. For a nominal service fee, Title Services staff will provide:

 Written instructions
 A definitive checklist
 Counsel via fax and phone
 Preliminary review of completed forms
 Runner service to the central MVC offices in Trenton, NJ

Staff will also track the progress and return of your valuable Motor Vehicle transactions.

The Motor Vehicle Commission does not provide printable applications for many specialized title transactions. If you need additional assistance with any of the following, please contact NJ CAR Title Services at 609-883-6330, ext. 4 or at titles@njcar.org with your contact name, phone number, fax number, dealership name and address and the transaction type. NJ CAR will send you a packet of information related to your specified transaction.

Following is a list of the specialized Title Service transactions for which NJ CAR Title Services can provide assistance:

 Abandoned Vehicle
 Specialty Plates
 Driver License Abstract
 Duplicate Title With Proof of Ownership
 Import Vehicle
 Lien/Title Search
 Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO) Backout
 Mileage Correction
 Owner Corrections
 Registration Abstract
 Replacement Title


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