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  Ownership Corrections  

Defined as: Correction that results in changes to the ownership information on the NJ MVC database, but does not advance a prefix (owner indicator) on the title.
  • Incorrect ownership originating from MVC processing error may be corrected by a regular MVC agency by referencing the microfilmed documents on file.

  • Incorrect ownership originating from the source documents can be corrected by Database Corrections only if the sale contract shows the correct owner and pre-dates the title issuance.

  • Ownership correction is not to be confused with "Backing out an MCO," which is only done when no party has taken possession of a vehicle.

  • In situations where the contract/bill-of-sale supports the information that has been processed by MVC, ownership changes will result in advances to the prefix.

  • When two vehicles have been delivered to the correct owners, but the MCO's were switched in error, the paperwork for correction must be submitted simultaneously.
Required Paperwork
  • Notarized letter from the selling dealership as follows:
    - On dealership letterhead.
    - Full description of vehicle(s) including year, make, model and complete vehicle identification number(s).
    - State the nature of the error and identify both the incorrect and correct titled owners.
    - State current mileage.
    - Signature of dealership officer.

  • Notarized statement from incorrectly titled owner(s) as follows:
    - On plain paper or owner's stationery if an individual.
    - On business stationary if a company is the titled owner.
    - Full description of vehicle including year, make, model and complete vehicle identification number.
    - State that it was titled to them in error and they have no interest in the vehicle; list the actual owner.
    - State the actual vehicle they did purchase, if applicable.

  • Lien release, if applicable, as follows:
    - On lienholder letterhead.
    - Full description of vehicle including year, make, model and complete vehicle identification number.
    - State the titled owner's name(s).
    - State the lienholder has no financial interest in the vehicle, or explain the interest and corresponding owner.
    NOTE: The title may reflect satisfaction of the lien in lieu of a lien release letter.

  • Copy of Lease Agreement(s) if applicable

  • Copy of the contract / bill-of-sale linking the correct owner and VIN.

  • Copy of current registration or registration receipt.

  • Lease Cancellation, if applicable, as follows:
    - BA-49 form completed on the front in its entirety and signed by a company official.
    - Include lease cancellation date, which must be different from the lease inception date.
    NOTE: An original letter from the leasing company stating all of the above information may be submitted in lieu of a BA-49 card.

  • Lessee Add, if applicable, as follows:
    - BA-49 form completed in the correct leasing company's name with correct Lessee information.

  • Form ISM/SS-85C - Financing Statement to add correct lien, if applicable.
Attached below are both a checklist and template letters related to requests for correction of ownership.

If you have any questions, please contact Title Services at (609) 883.6330, ext. 4 or via email at titles@njcar.org.

Owner Correction Packet

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