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 NJ CAR Welcomes Anne Smith As Dealer Member Liaison - 07/12/2019
 In Memoriam- Donald William "Bill" Brunner - 07/12/2019
 NJ CAR Releases 2019 Economic Impact Document - 07/12/2019
 Sign Up NOW To Join NJ CAR's Network of Grassroots Supporters - 07/12/2019
 Let NJ CAR Share Your Charitable Endeavors On Social Media - 07/12/2019
 More Than 125 Cities Commit To Buying Thousands of Electric Vehicles By The End of 2019 - 07/03/2019
 NJ CAR President Jim Appleton Elected To NADC Board of Directors - 07/03/2019
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P.I.C.K. Awareness Support Recovery License Plate Campaign

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 Franchise New Car Service Technicians
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 It’s The Best Time To Buy A New Car- #2

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 Sign Up NOW To Join NJ CAR’s Network Of Grassroots Supporters - 06/21/2019
 Richard DeSilva, Sr. Re-Elected As NADA Director For New Jersey - 06/21/2019
 Utilize ALL NJ CAR Tools To Stay Informed - 06/14/2019
 Dealers Eligible For State Grants To Install EV Charging Stations - 06/07/2019
 NJ CAR Launches Grassroots Recruitment & Digital Marketing Campaign - 05/17/2019
 NJ CAR-Sponsored Students Win 2nd Place In 2019 National Automotive Technology Competition - 05/17/2019
 NJ CAR-Sponsored Students Win 2nd Place In 2019 National Automotive Technology Competition - 04/30/2019
 NJ CAR Launches New Digital Marketing Campaign- CHECK IT OUT! - 04/19/2019
 REMINDER: NADA Dealership Workforce Study - 04/10/2019
 New Jersey Creates Autonomous Vehicle Task Force - 04/04/2019
 New Jersey May Have To Raise The Gas Tax In 2019 - 04/04/2019
 Legislation Expected To Be Introduced To Pause Minimum Wage Increase In Certain Circumstances - 04/03/2019
 Tell Your Elected Officials How Franchised Auto Retailers Drive The New Jersey Economy - 03/06/2019
 Governor Murphy Proposes $38.6 Billion Budget for 2019-2020 - 03/06/2019
 Tell Governor Murphy To Veto The - 03/06/2019
 Imported Automobiles Are Not A National Security Risk - 03/06/2019
 NADA Dealership Workforce Study - 03/06/2019
 Get Plugged In To The Electric Vehicle Movement - 03/06/2019
 New Jersey Plans To Double The Number Of EV Charging Stations - 03/06/2019
 New Jersey Franchised Auto Retailers Have Raised $1.8 MILLION For The Valerie Fund - 03/06/2019
 NADA Foundation Launches New Online Tool To Help Address Crisis In Finding Skilled Service Technicians - 02/25/2019
 Trenton Offers Sweetheart Deal To Tesla On Valentine's Day - 02/15/2019
 New Jersey's Eric Nielsen Named A 2019 TIME Dealer of the Year National Finalist - 02/08/2019
 REMINDER: Ask Your Elected Officials To Support EV Incentives & Infrastructure Funding RIGHT NOW! - 02/06/2019
 NJ CAR Wants To Publicize Dealers' Many Contributions To Their Communities - 02/06/2019
 Follow NJ CAR On Social Media - 02/06/2019
 Legislation Passes To Establish Autonomous Vehicle Task Force In New Jersey - 02/01/2019
 Auto Tech Students Demonstrate Diagnostic & Repair Skills At Inaugural New Jersey Auto Tech Competition - 01/30/2019
 Governor Murphy Calls For Overhaul Of State Tax Incentive Programs - 01/23/2019
 Hunterdon County Polytech Wins NJ CAR's Inaugural New Jersey Auto Tech Competition - 01/23/2019
 Hundreds Of New Jersey Dealers Have Raised Nearly $30,000 To Produce A Support Recovery License Plate - 01/23/2019
 Don’t Miss NJ CAR ACADEMY’S Upcoming Training - 01/23/2019
 Fraudulent Website Created In Legitimate Tennessee Dealers’ Name - 01/23/2019
 Students Will Compete At Inaugural New Jersey Auto Tech Competition - 01/14/2019
 NADA Asks “Women In Automotive” To Record (And Share) A Brief Video Discussing Their Careers - 01/04/2019
 Ask Your Elected Officials To Support Electric Vehicle Incentives & Infrastructure Funding RIGHT NOW! - 12/27/2018
 NJ CAR Surpasses 2,000 Followers On Facebook - 12/27/2018
 New Jersey And Federal Holidays In 2019 - 12/13/2018
 NJ CAR Staff Members Recognized For Years Of Service - 11/28/2018
 NJ CAR Recognizes Outgoing Chairman Rob Larson - 11/28/2018
 2019 Annual Fuel Economy Guide Now Available - 11/28/2018
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