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The New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers, founded in 1918, is a non-profit organization serving franchised new car and truck retailers throughout New Jersey.

NJ CAR’s purpose is to promote the principles of commercial honor and integrity in the sale and service of motor vehicles.

The primary objectives of NJ CAR are to further any legitimate interests of its members, to keep its members informed on a variety of business matters, practices, trends and legislation, and to provide special products and services to its members.

Our Mission
When the organization was founded 80+ years ago, its mission was simple: protect and serve the interests of automobile retailers. Today, NJ CAR defines its mission as follows:
  • To protect and advance the public, government and industry interests of franchised new car and truck retailers;

  • To provide accurate and authoritative advice on statutory, regulatory and legislative matters affecting the interests of automobile retailers;

  • To maintain and enhance the quality, scope and nature of membership services offered by the Coalition to New Jersey’s franchised new car and truck retailers;

  • To constantly evaluate existing services and aggressively explore new options, in order to ensure that the Coalition continues to serve the essential business needs of automotive retailers; and

  • To build upon the Coalition’s reputation as one of the Garden State’s leading business advocacy organizations.
The Coalition’s mission statement, coupled with the unique entrepreneurial attitude of auto retailers, has allowed the management and staff at NJ CAR to continually explore and create member services that meet the special needs of our members. It makes NJ CAR an exciting place to work and a valuable organization to join. The challenges are constant. The ingenuity and commitment of the members and staff are without limits. Working together and keeping this mission clearly in mind promise to make the years ahead just as exciting and fruitful for NJ CAR and its members who place their trust in this organization.
What We Can Do For You
Today, NJ CAR continues to serve franchised New Jersey auto retailers by providing the following services to its members:
  • Assistance
    NJ CAR serves its members by providing valuable assistance in the areas of Motor Vehicles, Tax, Insurance and Banking contacts, and with Safety Programs, Public Relations, Employee Relations and Local Association Organizations. The Coalition also assists members with the interpretation of New Jersey and federal laws and regulations.

  • Information
    At frequent intervals, members receive a brief and concise NJ CAR NewsLetter that keeps them informed on important corporate matters and provides necessary information concerning national and State laws, as well as rules and regulations affecting the automotive business.

  • Representation
    A major responsibility of NJ CAR is to represent New Jersey’s automotive retailers in legislative matters. The Coalition has been active at every session of the New Jersey Legislature in defending the industry against adverse legislation, as well as initiating and supporting legislation favorable to franchised New Jersey new car and truck retailers.

  • Exchange of Ideas
    NJ CAR's Annual Meeting and Business Expo is a valuable opportunity for members from all over the State to renew acquaintances, make contacts, and, most important, exchange useful ideas. Maintaining important business relationships and providing mutual support is an essential part of Coalition membership.

  • Leadership
    NJ CAR is under the direction of member retailers who are elected as Trustees for a period of two years by members in their counties. In turn, these Trustees elect officers, including the Chairman of the Board, for a term of one year.
Training and Education
Periodically, NJ CAR offers a variety of seminars and workshops. Seminars and education initiatives are specifically designed to address the unique business environment of automotive retailing. The Coalition strives to provide a high quality educational program, which focuses on all areas of dealership operations: sales, service, office personnel and management.
Classification of Membership
The Coalition’s By-Laws establish two classifications of membership:
  • General
    Prospective members maintaining a new car franchised retail establishment principally engaged in retailing new cars are eligible for general membership in the Automobile Division; and

    Prospective members maintaining a new truck franchised retail establishment principally engaged in retailing new trucks are eligible for general membership in the Truck Division.

  • Associate
    Prospective members who do not meet the requirements for general membership may still be eligible for associate membership, if the products and/or services provided by their business have significant impact on the automobile industry in New Jersey.

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